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Partnering, and partner marketing, have become more vital to business growth than ever before. One way vendors can drive strategic transformation for their customers is by establishing 

strong relationships with their channel partners, and supporting them to implement market development fund (MDF) programs.  This can help both vendors and partners reach new audiences 

or gain a greater share of the market. Channel partners can include value-added resellers, managed service providers, systems integrators, distributors, IT consultants, and affiliate partners.

For instance, the expansion of managed services and managed service providers (MSPs’) increasing influence on enterprise technology purchases has created an urgency for IT companies to recruit the right MSP partners to support their channel organizations.

Designing and executing successful MSP recruitment initiatives is a key component in a successful Partner Marketing Program. 

Recruiting influential MSPs in today's highly competitive market can generate more recurring revenue and creates a long-term salesforce multiplier effect. The trick to making these types of partnerships successful is to build a solid channel partner marketing plan—a strategy for two companies to collaborate on selling or marketing services, products, or technologies. Not sure where to start and look for an expert in Partner Marketing? 


What Should You Expect From The Partner Marketing Program Services

Customized Partner Marketing


How to create go-to-market messaging that synthesizes the unique value proposition of each partner in a way that is easily articulated to all stakeholders (marketing, sales, executives, customers)

How nuances like location, culture or category necessitate an adjustment to partner programs

Successful strategies for adapting partner marketing organization

A team of marketing experts to help you execute and keep track of progress


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